Service Costs

A departmentally supported device is a computer and all peripheral equipment directly connected to that computer. For example, a printer connected to the computer would be included while a networked printer would not. Labor charges (not including replacement parts) for configuration, troubleshooting, and administrative application support provided for the department-supported systems are considered core-funded.

Technical support charges for work on any system that is not departmentally supported. The hourly labor rate ranges from around $20/hour up to $45/hour. We cannot accept personal checks.  All work is charged via project codes.

Many help requests result in work that benefits all users, and can be considered core or infrastructure. Infrastructure work is not generally recharged. A formal list of what work is considered core or infrastructure is located in our Scope of Services and Recharges.

Ladder Faculty

Each ladder faculty member in EEMB and MCDB may designate two computers (typically one office and one lab system) as "department-supported " computers.


Each lecturer may designate one device to be networked at the department's expense.

First-Year EEMB / MCDB Graduate Students

Networking charges for first-year graduate students are charged to their home department.  This does not include hardware, software or operating system upgrades when the existing operating system is incompatible with the Life Sciences Network server.  After the first year, the PI of the lab to which the graduate student is assigned will be charged for any networking costs.


Undergraduates can have their computers networked in a lab with approval of the PI when their computer meets the operating system requirements for the LSN.  The undergrad needs to request a lifesci account and obtain a project code from the PI before filling out the Help Request.