Changing Share Permissions on a NAS Drive

Follow this tutorial to give users access to specified directories on your NAS drive.

You will need to know the correct username and password to access your drive. If you do not know your username / password, contact Computer Support at

This tutorial was written to utilize the Firefox web browser.

In the URL field, first type the hostname for your drive.
Add on the appropriate subnet (e.g. "", "", "") and press "Enter"
IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME ACCESSING THE DRIVE: Click "I Understand the Risks". OTHERWISE: Skip to Step 5.
Click "Add Exception...", then click "Confirm Security Exception" in the next prompt
Enter your username and password, then click the blue arrow icon.
Click the "Control Panel" icon
Click the "Shared Folder" icon
Select the shared folder you wish to alter, then click the "Priveleges Setup"
Click the drop-down menu and select "Domain users"
Search and select the names of individual user accounts to give/deny access to.
Click the drop-down menu and select "Domain group"
Select a group of users to give/deny access to. Click "OK" when finished.
Click the blue arrow in the upper left of the window. Click "Logout" at the bottom of the popup.