Configuring iOS Mail

Instructions for configuring iOS devices to access Connect accounts. Created 1/17/2018 on iOS 11.2.2

Note: We recommend using the Google Gmail App over this technique. However, if you would prefer to use the native iOS Mail App, these instructions should work for you.

iOS built-in Mail App

1. Open the Settings app, select Accounts and Passwords, then select Add Account. On the Add Account screen, choose Exchange (not Google) as the account type. Users of other versions of iOS may need to look in Settings > Mail > Accounts.

2. Enter your preferred email address (this could be or your department email address such as, a description such as Connect/UCSB, then click Next.

3. Select "Configure Manually" then enter your UCSBNetID password. (Users with 2-factor authentication activated will need to generate and use an "app password" in this password field)

4. Enter for Server, your Connect Address ( for the Username, and UCSBnetID password, then click Next.

5. Choose the features you want to enable. Click Save. Note for Calendar-Only customers, you only need the Calendars option selected.

6. You will get asked the following when you turn on Contacts and Calendars on iPhone (not iPad). Tap Keep on My iPhone.

7. IMPORTANT: In order for your iPhone/iPad Mail client to behave similarly to your desktop and web client, use Safari (web browser) on your iPhone/iPad and go to

8. Note: Make sure you are not already logged into your personal Gmail account. Log in with your Connect Address ( for the Username, and UCSBnetID password, and click Sign In.

9. Tap on iPhone (or iPad)

10. Check Enable "Send Mail As" for this device and Enable "Delete Email as Trash" for this device, then tap Save at top right.

11. You should see the following:

12. Open the Mail app, and choose the one you just created, typically named Connect/UCSB. All set!