Recovering Files on Lifesci-Filer

Lifesci-filer has a built-in archiving system that backs up previous versions of any files it contains. If a file that resides on lifesci-filer is ever accidentally deleted or modified, an older version of that file can be restored from these backups. "Snapshots" of files are taken on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis. Restoring a file from the backups requires navigating to the correct backup directory and copying that file.
Note: This is an advanced technique and should be used with caution. LSCG would be happy to restore any files for you if you are uncomfortable with any parts of this tutorial.
1. Open Lifesci-Filer to the directory that contains, or contained, the file to be restored.
2. Click on the folder name in the navigation bar, and add ".snapshot" to the end of the folder name to navigate to that directory.
3. Find the appropriate backup folder. Folders are named by when the backup was taken, 'hourly.0' will be less than an hour old, 'nightly.1' will be from two nights ago, etc.
4. View the files from that backup and find the file that you would like to restore.
5. Copy the desired files either back to the fileshare or to another location of your choice. Be careful to "copy" the file instead of moving it.