Accessing Your Faculty Lifesci Home Directory

Most Faculty have a home directory stored on the Lifesci Filer.


  1. Start | Run
  2. Type in: \\\, and press Enter
  3. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, use ads\username for your username
  4. Enter password
  5. Navigate to your home directory


  1. Click on Go
  2. Select "Connect to Server"
  3. Type in: SMB://, and press Enter
  4. Authenticate

A mounted drive will be on your desktop depending on your Finder preferences. If not, you may need to configure your Finder preferences to display "connected servers."

To configure Finder preferences to display "connected servers."

Click on Finder, and go to Preferences. On general tab, check "connected servers" and anything else you want. Close it and you'll see the drive(s) on your desktop.