Changing Your Password(s)

Mandatory Accounts

  • Active Directory Services (ADS)
  • Email
  • Filesvr

Optional Accounts

  • Molbio/Datastore

For an explanation of Account Types, refer to the User Support page. We recommend that users use the same password on all of our systems.

New Change Password Tool

Our new web interface allows you to change passwords for all or selected lifesci accounts in one place (Self-Service Tools). For accounts that share a common password, you need only follow these steps once. With multiple passwords, you will need to complete the process multiple times. Be sure you have the following information for each account on hand before beginning.

  • username
  • password (aka pass phrase)

To Change Password When Current Password Is Unknown

Contact the LSCG Help Desk

  • Submit Help Request
  • E-mail
  • Stop by the LSCG Help Desk in LSB Room 2304
  • Call the LSCG Help Desk at 893-2405

To Change Passwords When Current Password(s) Are Known

1. Go to Quick Links bar on home page

Self service tools
Self service tools

2. Click on User Support, then Self-Service Tools under the Quick Links menu.

E-mail credentials
E-mail credentials

3. Enter email credentials (username not email address)

Change password
Change password

4. Select Change Password.

Current and new passwords
Current and new passwords

5. Select each applicable account, enter current, then new password twice, then press Submit. Only select the accounts that share the current password you input.