Configuring GMail App on Android

Set up GMail on an Android Device

Your version of GMail may appear different from that in the attached pictures. However, the process involved should be fundamentally similar. Note that this process adds your Connect account to your Android phone for multiple services. There is no way to use Google Services (Calendar, Email, etc.) with the built-in Android apps without adding it system-wide.

If you have any questions, please submit a help request.

First, find the GMail app on your phone and open it up.

Already have an account set up?

Once the app is open, click the menu button at the top left.

From the menu, click the arrow (labeled 1 here) next to your account name. Once it has expanded, select "Add Account".

No Previous Account

Once the app is launched, you will see a welcome screen. You can click skip to move to the accounts page.

Account Setup

Click "Google" to get started

Select existing
Provide your UCSBNetID credentials in the form of

Dual-Factor Users

Press Next to start dual-factor authentication
Complete the second authentication method by following the instructions provided.

Backup and Restore

Some phones will prompt to backup data to the cloud. Select whether you would like to backup settings to your google account. This is optional, but may be convenient if you sync your UCSB Connect account to multiple devices.