Connecting Using Remote Desktop (Mac to Windows)

This tutorial will show you how to remotely manipulate your campus systems from a home computer.

This setup requires two pieces of software to be installed on the off-campus computer:

1. Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for Mac

     Click here for Microsoft Remote Desktop on the App Store

2. PulseSecure

     Click here for download and instructions

Note: Steps 1-5 should be executed on your campus computer. Steps 6-10 should be executed on your off-campus computer.

1. Press the Start button. Search and select "Power Options"
2. Mark the bubble next to "Balanced (recommended)" and click "Change plan settings"
3. Change the pull-down menu next to "Put the computer to sleep" to "Never". Click "Change advanced power settings"
4. Click the "Sleep" dropdown. Set "Sleep After" and "Hibernate after" to "0", and "Allow hybrid sleep" to "Off". Click "OK"
5. Click "Save Changes" and close the window. Your Life Science computer is now ready.
6. On your off-campus Mac computer, download, install, and configure PulseSecure using the link at the top of this tutorial
7. Click the spotlight icon in the upper right corner of your screen. Search "Remote Desktop Connection" open the application, click "+ New"
8. Enter the full hostname in the PC Name field, "ads\username" and password in the User Name and Password fields, then close the window
9. Click on the newly created connection to connect, then click "Show Certificate" if a certificate warning appears
10. Click the small checkbox to always trust the certificate, then click "Continue".