Connecting Using Screen Sharing (Mac to Mac)

This tutorial will show you how to remotely manipulate your campus systems from a home computer.

Troubleshooting Remote Desktop Issues

  • Be sure to enable remote login on work computer.  Go to Apple | System Preferences | Sharing, and check "screen sharing"
  • Be sure work computer never sleeps. Go to Apple | System Preferences | Energy Saver,  and move slider bar for sleep to never.

The next set of steps are from your home computer.

Install PulseSecure on your home computer.

Click here for download and instructions

  • Step 1. Connect to UCSB's VPN server.

  • Step 2. When prompted, enter UCSB NetID and Password. Wait until VPN connects to proceed.

  • Step 3. Press Command and K (⌘ + K) to bring up the Connect To Server dialogue box. Enter "vnc://" followed by the full hostname of your work computer, and click connect.

  • Step 4. Enter the Username and Password you would normally use to login to your work computer. Note: this may be different from your ADS username and password. You can now use your computer to work remotely from home.