Email Client Configuration

Our recommended email client is Mozilla's Thunderbird. See our Tutorials page for step-by-step instructions on how to configure email clients to check your lifesci email, set up mail forwards and vacation messages.

Email Backup Policy

Email clients configured to use the IMAP protocol keep all email on the server and manipulate the mail there. All mailboxes on the mail server are backed up nightly except for Trash folders - it is presumed that anything in the Trash folder can be deleted. Email backups are retained for six months and can be restored if necessary although a financial charge may be incurred in the process.

Maximum Outgoing Message Size

The maximum outgoing message size for an email message is 25 MB. Note that this is the size of the entire message and includes text, attachments and some overhead for addressing and packaging the message as well. You can use our file upload tool to send large files via email.

If you need to exchange large files with colleagues, you can request one of the temporary (datadrop) accounts we maintain for this purpose. These are called datadrop accounts and are assigned as needed on a short-term basis. Submit your request via our help request form.